Events - St Patricks Day 19th March

What a great SOLD OUT night at Xtreme Training Centre for our St Patricks Boxing event.

Couldn’t believe the amount of positive feedback and support that we received from all those who came to the Gym to watch 13 well matched bouts of amateur boxing.

sponsors - staff thanks

A BIG thanks to all of those who supported us prior to the event, on the night, and the next day, we couldn’t have done it without you.

And of course all those who fought on the night. Some pictures and videos are already on our Facebook page, check them out.

list of bouts

Did you get your Box at our next event form?
Get in touch now to get your form and register with the Xtreme team.

box next time

Thanks again everyone looking forward to seeing you again the next one Xtreme Warriors boxing event.!!

Ps – don’t forget we provide boxing training and Rees Hosking personal trainer hosts LADIES ONLY Box and Burn class at XTREME