New opening hours!

exercising earlier can help you reach your goal

From Tuesday November 3rd we will be opening from 6am on Tuesdays through to Fridays, to give you an extra opportunity to train.

You may have seen recently that we have opened up for day time training sessions for those of you on shifts, or with a bit more available time during the middle of the day. As we want to do everything possible for our members, and help you achieve your goals, we want to make sure you early risers have a chance too.

It may be darker in the mornings, and a little harder to get yourself out of bed, but you may want to consider making the most of these extra few hours, as the benefits to exercising first thing in a morning are huge!

For those of you looking to lose weight, it is clinically proven, and can be seen in a trial reported on by mens fitness that exercising before you eat your breakfast will help you lose weight, as well as protect you from unhealthy conditions.

And guys, those hormones that are going to help you build muscle are elevated in the early morning hours more than any other time of the day, so an earlier workout just makes sense.

Not to mention you’ll be more focused and ready for the day by the time you reach work or your lecture, your metabolism is elevated more throughout the day and you’ll find you sleep better too.

So whatever your goal, there are no excuses, take advantage of all of our facilities at a less busy time of the day, and get down to Xtreme, from 6am Tuesday to Friday.

Not a member yet? Not a problem. Come and try a day pass and see for yourself, our staff will be more than happy to show you around.

UPDATE: Though we received high demand for earlier opening hours, these have not been used. So we will be returning to normal opening hours, and looking to trial an earlier opening time in the New Year when the weather improves.