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To help you get the best out of your workout, and look good while doing it, we sell a range of Xtreme Training Centre products and products we know and love.

Xtreme drinks

Xtreme Drinks

It is extremely important to make sure you are properly hydrated and replace electrolytes you lose during exercise as it can help you get more from your workout, recover properly and avoid the potentially dangerous consequences of dehydration.

  • Xtreme isotonic - a lemon flavoured drink to help you replace lost electrolytes
  • Xtreme training fuel - a high performance energy drink
  • X20 - water
Protein products and supplements

Protein and supplement products

Protein is essential for nearly everything our body does and if you are exercising regularly the amount of protein you need to consume will increase to help you improve performance and recovery.

We sell a huge range of protein supplements and products at unbeatable prices from USN, NRG, MyProtein.com, PureProtein and more, to help you perform at your peak.

Xtreme Clothing Range

Xtreme Clothing Range

Look good in or outside the gym in our branded Xtreme Training Centre clothing range.

Buy your vest, t-shirts and hoodies at the desk now!

Protein products and supplements

Xtreme Health Food

You can get even more out of your workout by eating a healthy and balanced diet. We offer a number of delicious and healthy ready meals, including Golden Pot ready meals, steam-cooked chicken fillets, ostrich burgers and more.

We have a microwave at the gym which you can use to heat up your ready meals.

Visit Xtreme Training Centre reception anytime to buy your food, protein and supplement products, drinks and clothing, whether you're a member or not.